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There are so many fantastic things to do in the Tri-Cities area, but the city of Richland is simply one of our favorite places for a day trip. Our team of Washington State locals can even offer you some of the things to do in Pasco and Richlands nearby, as well as some great restaurants and shops in the area. If you're looking for some fun things to do in and around the tri-cities, then you need to see what Pas-Coe

Learn about the maritime traditions of yesteryear while soaking up the sun and waterways of Washington, or take a short trip to catch a glimpse of Puget Sound. If you're in Everett, WA, and want to buy a new car, check out the local car hop, which is a fun thing. You can spend an hour in a reflective park and learn about local history, as well as learn about the maritime way - old people while enjoying some sun, waterways and Washington.

If you are planning a weekend trip to Whidbey Island, we recommend you leave early on Saturday. Continue east on Highway 20 to reach 5, then west on West 525 Langley Road to continue north to the ferry terminal at Everett Harbor. Parking proposals for more than 4 hours are available at the Park & Ride parking lots in Everett and Lynnwood or by ferry.

The city is full of shopping, dining, entertainment and other attractions that attract travelers from Kennewick and Richland. Performing arts, restaurants, hotels, parks, shopping and entertainment are just some of the amenities that make life so rich in Snohomish County.

Beautiful Whidbey Island is home to many great attractions, including the largest and most popular whale watching area in the world, as well as a variety of restaurants, hotels, shops and entertainment.

If you have not visited the Japanese Gulch Park yet, make sure you include it in your Mukilteo to - Do list. Enjoy the natural beauty of the arboretum while getting to know Washington's wildlife and meeting other nature enthusiasts along the way. Explore the beautiful landscape of the Northwest Pacific and marvel at the beauty and wonder of the Northwest Pacific through art and historical objects at Whatcom Museum. Watch the blast zone, hear the sounds of whales, dolphins, whales and other marine mammals, as well as a variety of birds and birds of prey.

If you want to visit the evergreen state, this post should definitely be on your itinerary. Look out for the Mukilteo County Fair, the state's largest and most popular arts and entertainment festival.

Hop on the Jetty Island Ferry in Port Everett, reserve a table at Ivar's Mukilteo Landing restaurant and enjoy spectacular views of the water. Play in the water, then get ready to wiggle your toes on the warm sand, explore the trails, and then head to the beach to lie in the sun for a day.

The Space Needle observation deck towers a staggering 520 feet above the Earth's surface, offering the best views of Seattle and the surrounding area. While admiring the sheer beauty of Washington from Seattle's most famous building, admire the peaks of distant mountain ranges and enjoy the colorful cityscape below. During the balloon ride you can see Mount Rainier, Lake Washington and even the skyline of the Capitol and the Seattle skyline.

The Whidbey Island Ferry Terminal in Mukilteo is located just a few miles north of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It has a spectacular location overlooking Whidsbey Island and Puget Sound, overlooking Lake Washington, Pugetside and the Pacific Ocean. The easiest way to take a ferry from the ferry terminal to the city of Seattle or the Tacoma airport is to connect to one of Washington's most popular ferry lines, such as the Sea-Tac, Tacoma or Tacoma-Bellingham.

If you want to explore the larger cities in Snohomish County, please read our Everett Staycation guide. If you are looking for a deeper insight into the 5 best things to do in Mukilteo, we would like to give you some of our favorite places and some tips on what to do when you come to visit. We know that there are many questions about life in Mukilstea and we look forward to living outside of Mukilstea and we are here to answer those questions for you. This blog post is a great resource for those of you who live in Washington or have been looking at stay ideas.

Just over an hour from downtown Everett, the Mukilteo Trailhead is one of the most popular hiking trails in Snohomish County. Hikers can hike the 1.5 km from the trail to Mt. Rainier National Park, which offers scenic views of Lake Washington, the Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound. This hike is a great one for those who want to hike, camp, cycle or just take a walk in the woods.

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